Monday 14 May 2012

New Citroën C1

Range: From £99 - £159 per month on Personal Lease*
A combination of style, practicality and fuel economy makes the New CitroŽn C1 a perfect car for the city - but it's equally at home on the open road. At only 3.46 metres long, itíll fit in the tiniest of parking spaces, yet its wraparound bumpers, high-position crystal headlamps and great all round visibility give you driving confidence and a head-turning presence wherever you go.

Citroën C3

Range: From £129 - £229 per month on Personal Lease*
The CitroŽn C3 5-door super mini oozes a refreshing charm - in all its styling, spaciousness, comfort and versatility. It really is a pleasure to drive and a pleasure to be driven in.
The CitroŽn C3 represents original thinking on four wheels and embodies CitroŽn's spirit of style and innovation. From its chic, modern styling to its deceptively spacious, luxurious and eye-catching interior, the CitroŽn C3 has the personality and presence to set it apart - and your pulse racing.

Citroën C3 Picasso

Range: From £159 - £249 per month on Personal Lease*
The CitroŽn C3 Picasso may take some inspiration from its elders, yet it takes funky styling, cheeky character and striking good looks to another level entirely. A mini-MPV of quite stunning poise and revolutionary design, itís far bigger on the inside than its outward appearance may suggest. And thereís no sense of compromise here. The CitroŽn C3 Picasso is practical, but great fun. Roomy, yet agile and easy to park. Safe and adaptable, but certainly not lacking in head-turning style or driving pleasure.

Citroën C4

Range: From £219 - £299 per month on Personal Lease*
What do you compare the CitroŽn C4 Hatchback with? There really is no equivalent when it comes to this carís seductive balance of advanced technology, refreshing style and pure driveability. Its message is clear from the outset Ė itís all about extra helpings of enjoyment, elegance, comfort and safety. And youíll impress yourself as much as your onlookers, with the car that has it all.

New Citroën C4 Picasso

Range: From £249 - £335 per month on Personal Lease*
From any angle, the New CitroŽn C4 Picasso is impressive. Itís an icon in the making, with sweeping contours, sophisticated design and imposing style. And the driving experience is exceptional. It has a wide range of features - as standard - that make for a comfortable, enjoyable and safe journey, and itíll turn heads wherever you take it.

New Citroën Grand C4 Picasso

Range: From £249 - £345 per month on Personal Lease*
The New CitroŽn Grand C4 Picasso has the longest wheelbase in its class, one of the many advantages offered by the new EMP2 modular platform. This platform delivers generous interior space particularly for rear passengers and leg/knee room, while limiting exterior length. With this architectural feat, the New CitroŽn Grand C4 Picasso is able to provide a huge 793 litres of boot space when row 3 is folded below load cover and row 2 is slid forward.

Citroën C5

Range: From £299 - £429 per month on Personal Lease*
The CitroŽn C5 saloon is a breathtaking union of style, luxury and comfort. Its exterior presence is the invitation to a new driving experience - its interior the perfect host. From the tip of its imposing front end right through to the unique, bold rear quarters, this car is an exciting new arrival, and it won't disappoint you. It expresses status and prestige with brooding intensity and elegance, but has equal measures of practicality and comfort, courtesy of expert design and the thoughtful application of technology.

Citroën C5 Tourer

Range: From £309 - £429 per month on Personal Lease*
The CitroŽn C5 Tourer combines style, technology and comfort with boot space and practicality. Itís a luxury tourer, designed to cover mile after mile in safety and style, carrying passengers or cargo with comfortable ease, whatever the terrain. The exterior styling conveys purposeful elegance and invites you to a dynamic driving experience. Extensive active and passive safety features throughout mean you can be confident and assured Ė hence the 5-star Euro NCAP rating and is one of the safest cars in its class.

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DS 3

Range: From £169 - £259 per month on Personal Lease*
A force of personality. DS 3 is assertive, radical, and truly original. This anti-retro urban three door hatchback is instantly iconic, and instantly recognizable. Move over old school. Itís time for the school of driving. DS 3 has innovation in its DNA. The range comes in three sleekly styled yet unequivocally original concepts. From the dramatic entrance of the DSign, to the dynamism in the detail of DStyle, to the ultimate DSport; DS 3 is a sheer expression of Crťative Technologie.

DS 3 Cabrio

Range: From £199 - £249 per month on Personal Lease*
DS 3 Cabrio features all the hallmarks and thrills of DS 3 with a bold styling, sophisticated refinement and extensive personalisation, all combined with the pleasure of open-top driving.

The only genuine 5-seater in its class, this is a beautifully roomy sporty car that now had an ingenious electrically operated three position folding roof to bring you the sunshine or shut out the rain in just 16 seconds.

DS 4

Range: From £199 - £295 per month on Personal Lease*
While DS 4 is not an suv or a hatchback, it distills what's best about all of these genres and creates something genuinely fresh. It's a striking, sophisticated 5-door coupť that has the balance and fine-tuned engineering to inspire keen drivers with quick responses and nimble handling.

DS 5

Range: From £259 - £439 per month on Personal Lease*
Radical Luxury. Welcome to a whole new approach to premium. Flowing, sleek and assertive, DS 5 has a depth of progressive technology, fresh detailing and material quality that exude flair and driver focused dynamism.
A great design is all about balance: between fluidity and tension, compactness and space efficiency, boldness and elegance. They're all present, in striking harmony across DS 5's exterior.

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